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We provide pump equipment, pump services, and related products for the Palm Bay, Florida area and surrounding communities. Our team of pump experts can handle virtually any pumping need you have, including:

  • Commercial Pumps
  • Residential Pumps (House Pumps)
  • Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Irrigation Pumps (Lawn Sprinkler Pumps)
  • Municipal Pumps
  • Pressure Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Water Treatment systems

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Palm Bay Residential Pump Systems

If your home is not connected to the Palm Bay's Water Department's water system or another water district, your water is provided from a water well. Water wells use a household pump to provided the water volume and pressure needed inside the home. This pump is typically a jet style pump (as pictured on right) and works with a pressure tank and pressure switch. For proper operation the pressure switch, tank, and pump all have to be balanced with one another.

Palm Bay Lawn Pump Systems

Lawn Sprinkler Pump for Irrigation

Most homes also have a lawn sprinkler pump that is used for the lawn sprinkler system. This pump is typically a self priming centrifugal pump. These pumps will pump high flow rates, but will not normally create the same pressures as a jet pump.

We also deal with large irrigation pumps for golf courses, tree farms, nurseries, agriculture, and other agri business.


Palm Bay Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pools all have a filter pump. These swimming pool pumps are used to circulate the water within the pool to keep the pool clean (filtered) and circulate the chlorine to keep the water from turning green.

Some swimming pools will also have pumps for water features, hot tubs, and/or pool cleaners.

Swimming Pool Pump - Hayward - Sta-Rite

Palm Bay Commercial Pump Systems

Industrial Pumps Commercial Pumps Business, Industry, Manufacturing, and Government all need to move water at one time or another. And when your company or organization needs a water pump, call upon us to serve your needs. We promise to deliver!

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